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We occasionally sell cookers that have been refurbished in our workshops; as you would imagine, as manufacturers we carry this process out to a very high quality and fit many new parts not available from other sources.

Generally our second hand cookers will have had the following work undertaken:
  • A full strip down
  • Complete re-enamelling
  • Ovens shot blasted back to ‘as new’ condition
  • All stainless steel (lid and top surround) fully regrained
  • New temperature sensing probes
  • New digital ECO control box
  • New insulation
  • New seals – lid and doors
  • A full one year UK wide warranty
If you are considering buying a second hand cooker from an alternative source, please ensure that the vendor can supply it with a UK wide warranty and that it is supported by a full parts back up service (please note we do not supply spares to other companies purporting to refurbish second hand cookers).

Most of the cookers that we refurbish are the EVH60 model, however, other sizes are sometimes available. If you would like to be contacted when a cooker is available, please send your name, postcode & email address to secondhand@everhot.co.uk and we will add you to our mailing list (we cannot add you without your postcode so please include this in the email).

If you are offered a secondhand EVERHOT cooker from another source, please ask the vendor for the serial number on the back of the cooker (or the original invoice number), this will enable you to confirm with us the age of the cooker and any pertinent history.


Model: EVH90+
Colour: Cream
Description: This cooker has been through our refurbishment process and hence is in extremely good condition. It has magnetic doors and spring handles
Price: £ 5450
Price includes VAT, but excludes delivery and installation (please call for pricing)
Additional Photos:

Model: EVH90
Colour: Blue
Description: This cooker has been fully refurbished by us; it has a single lid and new magnetic doors and lid, together with latest spring handles. It has a new control box and heating elements. The control box is behind a flap on the right hand size

Price: £ 3,300
Price includes VAT, but excludes delivery and installation (please call for pricing)
Additional Photos: