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The true test of a heat storage cookers efficiency is the cost to run it when it is left on 24 hours a day.
Summary of Running Costs

The following shows the running costs of the 2014 specification AGA Dual Control and Total Control and Everhot 100i when left at cooking temperatures 24hrs per day.

Model Mode kWh/week Cost per week*
AGA DC Cooking (hotplates & ovens) 249.20 £34.80
AGA TC Cooking (hotplates & ovens) 226.1 £31.60
Everhot 100i Cooking (hotplates & ovens) Top oven 200 °C 91 £12.74
Everhot 100i Cooking (hotplates & ovens) Top oven 230 °C 100 £14.00

*at 14p/kWh


  • All models were as new factory models laboratory tested.
  • Each test was conducted over periods in excess of 48 hours to ensure accuracy.
  • Each test excluded any cooking with all doors and lids remaining closed throughout duration.
  • All cookers were allowed to reach temperature and stabilise for several hours before testing began (the energy required to initially heat each cooker is excluded from the running costs).
  • The Everhot tested was run at factory recommended settings. The AGA models do not have full temperature control but both the Aga and Everhot models can be turned down to reduce the running costs if required.
  • All testing was carried out in an independent test laboratory.