Case Study 2: Mr & Mrs Noble, Cornwall 



Mr and Mrs Noble live in a 16th century cottage in gloriously sunny Cornwall, although Mr Noble reminds us that the sea mist can have an effect on solar production!

They have incredibly thick walls and low ceilings around their three bedroomed home, which provides excellent insulation. 

In the summer of 2021, they invested in 12 solar panels costing around £7,000 in total resulting in 4.7kW of power. In the December of the same year, their Everhot 90i arrived. We therefore do not have a full 12 months worth of annual data to look at, but Mr Noble has kindly supplied screen shots showing his consumption and solar production so far. 


At the moment they do not have any batteries, but they do use Economy 7 to give them cheaper electricity overnight. Other than their Everhot, they do not have any central heating. Just a wood burner in the main room downstairs and electric towel rails in the bathrooms. They, like many of our case studies, have an 'Eddi' solar diverting system which diverts solar power to their immersion before exporting any unused power to the grid. 

The timing of their solar panel installation means that they do not receive any Feed in Tariffs.