Case Study 3: Jill Lemon, Wales 


Jill Lemon lives in North Wales and bought 14 panels for her roof three years ago costing around £8,000. 

The panels were installed just before the Feed in Tariffs were stopped. At the time she also invested in one battery which quickly became three batteries when she realised one wasn't enough. She receives a Feed in Tariff cheque four times a year, for somewhere between £60 in the winter, and £300 in the summer. 

The three batteries sit in her attic, she compares them each to the size of an old-fashioned stereo,  and during the day are filled back up thanks to the solar panels. At night the batteries are then used to run electrical items like the fridge and freezer, but she often notes that the batteries still have power left within them come the morning. Her Everhot 60 drops into ECO mode overnight.

She does have two fridge freezers, and an undercounter freezer as well, but isn't a high user of electricity as her central heating is gas, together with an open fire, and she doesn't use the dryer because she says "I can put it all on the Everhot! It's the best thing I ever bought, I love my cooker and would never be without it." 

Jill has provided screen shots of the app she uses to detail her energy and battery consumption.



She says she has also chosen to pay a local insurance company £8 per month in case anything ever goes wrong. In total her solar panels provide around 3,859kWh per year, with her total consumption around 4,152kWh per year.