The range cookers themselves remain our biggest focus, and we are continually searching for ways to make them even more efficient and more compatible with renewable energy.

Everhot believes in local manufacturing and offsetting any damage our manufacturing causes. To this end all our cookers are assembled in Gloucestershire from parts that are almost exclusively supplied from the UK using energy that we largely generate ourselves.

The 25kW water turbine, which brought our original cooker to life in 1979, still powers our head office, though it is now supplemented by a water sourced heat pump and 125kw of solar panels across both our head office and factory roofs. Along with the existing solar panels, we are currently installing 158kw of battery capacity so we can store excess solar production to use overnight – further reducing our dependence on the electricity grid. Indeed, through the summer months we can often run solely on our own power. 


If you are also thinking about installing your own solar panels, an Everhot range cooker, as well as being the most energy efficient heat storage range on the market, is also ideally suited to working in harmony with domestic solar installations - Click here to find out more

Our factory is a new BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) ‘Excellent’ rated building, and we are in an ongoing process of refurbishing our historic head office buildings to improve their energy ratings.


In addition to generating our own power, in 2012 we planted 10,000 native trees on a 12-acre site within a mile of our factory. This site is already a haven for wildlife with grass snakes, slow worms, and the relatively rare woodcock all being sighted recently. In March 2020, a further 12,500 native trees were planted in a separate 14-acre site within Coaley. This site is a patchwork of new woodland, water and open grassland and again has been quickly adopted by all manner of wildlife including otters and barn owls.

At the end of 2020 we purchased an additional 27-acre site in the village which has been planted over the last two winters and now means we have planted in excess of 50,000 native trees within the vicinity of our company.  Again, this new site is a patchwork of dew ponds, open grassland and native woodland which means it not only offsets our carbon footprint but also creates a wonderful mixed habitat for wildlife.


We are proud to be Gold Corporate Partners with Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust and all of the above projects have been completed under the guidance of the Trust to ensure the planting programs are sympathetic to our area. Everhot is based just beneath Coaley Peak, one of Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust’s many nature reserves from where you can see the Severn, the Forest of Dean, Cotswold Escarpment, and the Stroud Valleys.

We are proud to support Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust and share the objective of looking after the amazing variety of wildlife and wild places in Gloucestershire for the future.