Everhot and the Environment

A desire to conserve energy has been at the heart of our philosophy ever since it inspired the invention of the first Everhot.


The range cookers themselves remain our biggest focus – and we are continually searching for
ways to make them even more efficient and more compatible with renewable energy.

Everhot also believe in local manufacturing and offsetting any damage our manufacturing causes.
To this end all our cookers are assembled in Gloucestershire from parts that are almost exclusively supplied from the UK using energy that we largely generate ourselves. 

The 25kW water turbine, which brought that cooker to life in 1979, still powers our head office, though it is now supplemented by a heat pump and a 10kW solar array. Our factory is a new BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) ‘Excellent’ rated building, which has been further enhanced with the fitting of a 50kW solar array. 

In addition to generating our own power we have planted 10,000 native trees on a 12-acre site within  a mile of our factory and we have recently started ‘rewilding’ another 14.5 acre site in the village by planting a wide range of native trees. We are a carbon negative company by a considerable margin.