The genius of an Everhot’s design is that it uses a trickle feed of electricity and its peak demand is a fraction of other electric range cookers’.

Everhot cookers were designed from the ground up to work with renewables and simply run off a standard 13amp plug with no need for an annual service.  
All our cookers are handmade in our carbon negative factory in Gloucestershire.  

The true test of a heat storage cookers efficiency is the cost to run it when it is left on 24 hours a day with the ovens and cast iron plates turned on.
It is important when comparing different manufacturers to ask what the running costs will be when left in this mode.
Summary of Running Costs

The table shows weekly power consumption of each model when left on at cooking temperatures and using the ECO mode overnight.

Model Power consumption using ECO overnight (KWH)  
EVH 60 85  
EVH 90+ 100  
EVH 90i 85  
EVH 100+ 100  
EVH 100i 85  
EVH 110+ 100  
EVH 110i 100  
EVH 120i 100  
EVH 120+ 170  
EVH 150i 100  
EVH 150+ 170  


•     Using the 'ECO' function reduces weekly running costs by approximately 15%  
• Other manufacturers may quote headline power consumption figures based on their cookers being in a lower power mode or hourly
consumption figures. To make a direct comparison against the figures above you need to calculate the power consumption over the course of a week
with the cookers left on at cooking temperatures.