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Baked "Cerney" Cheese with Honey Glazed Waldorf Salad and Lemon Butter


A delightful summer Waldorf salad.

COOKS:  IN 30 minutes


1 Individual Goats Cheese or pyramid slice (Cerney)
2 Sheets of Filo
1 Celery Stick
1 Apple (Hayles Fruit Farm)
1 Garlic Clove (Salt Box, Camp)
2 Leaves Chopped Basil or Chives (Selsley)
1 Lemon
2Floz White Wine (Three Choirs)
2Floz Apple Juice (Days Cottage)
1 Shallot (Duchy)
5 Floz Homeliegh Farm Whipping Cream
5oz Soft Netherend Farm Butter
2oz Pine nuts


Butter the leaves of filo pastry and place one on top of the other.

Wrap your Goats Cheese tightly in the pastry topped with a little Kitchen Garden Preserve Spicy Apple Chutney - refrigerate.

For the Waldorf salad baton a stick of Celery and cut some fine strips of Gloucerstershire Underleaf or Cox's Apple.

Roast some Pine Nuts with a little Gloucestershire Honey add some chopped Selsley Herbs and a tablespoon of Mayonnaise.

Mix well and put aside ready to serve.

For the Butter Sauce chop the Shallot and place in a Saucepan with the Three Choirs White Wine.

On a slow heat reduce the wine to the point that it becomes quite a sticky syrup. Next add the Whipping Cream and bring to the boil
Remove from the heat and gradually stir in the soft butter to create an emulsion. Squeeze in the Lemon Juice and Season (do not use too much salt because of the flavour of the Cheese).

To cook the Cheese use a frying pan and Olive Oil.

Heat till a visible haze can be seen.

Place the Cheese presentation side down into the pan.

Once golden turn over and repeat on all edges. The idea is to have a crisp outside pastry, soft cheese on the outside and just firm in the middle.

Once cooked place some Waldorf in the centre of the plate the filo parcel on top and drizzle of butter sauce around.

Top with an English Watercress Salad and Balsamic Reduction.