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Tipsy Turkey




Turkey (size immaterial – preferably fresh)
Streaky Bacon
Bramley Cooking Apples
RubyPort – the cheapest you can find but it MUST be ruby


Wash fruit – do not peel

Stretch bacon over knife blade

Warm butter

Line large meat tin with foil

Place turkey on foil

Quarter unpeeled fruit and place in cavity

Spread butter over turkey

Lay streaky bacon over turkey, especially the legs

Sprinkle a good six tablespoons of port over the bird

Loosely wrap in foil

While roasting baste turkey frequently adding more port if needed – turkey should not be stewing in liquid but should have plenty of juice for basting.

Take foil cover off for last part of cooking time to brown bird.

The combination of fruit in cavity and port makes the turkey beautifully moist – juices make a delicious gravy.  Place the remainder in the fridge where it will set.  The jelly/dripping is good on hot toast and also forms the base of a delicious stock.

 For a 14lb turkey I would cook it for a minimum of 5 hours in the top oven at 210 or 1.5 hours in the top oven then 5 hours in the bottom oven at 105 then another half hour in the top oven