Installation FAQs

Questions on how best to cook with an Everhot

How do I place an order for an Everhot cooker?

Visit your nearest dealer who will be happy to take you order. Please be aware that we normally work on an order to delivery time of 8 to 12 weeks.

My electrician says cookers can’t be run on a 13 amp supply – is that right?
The Everhot was the first range to use a 13A supply and is still unusual in doing so – its maximum requirement for power enables it to be plugged in, rather than hard-wired. If in doubt, ask your electrician to call us and we will explain everything.
Can I hard-wire my Everhot cooker into a cooker supply?
If you are removing an existing electric cooker it is likely that it has been hard wired – unfortunately the Everhot requires a plug socket. Getting this small modification carried out is a simple job but should be done by a qualified electrician – we cannot do this for you.
Do I need to leave a gap between my Everhot and my kitchen units?
A small gap of 5mm each side is preferable although if you have solid wood worktops you may wish to double this as the constant heat into the end grain of the wood can cause movement. We appreciate that it is not always possible to have the recommended gap – please call us and we can discuss some options.
Does an Everhot need a flue?
The Everhot doesn't need a flue and so can be placed anywhere in the kitchen.
Does an Everhot need a concrete base to sit on?
No – the hotplate height is 900mm from ground level – this is normally the same height as your worktops. If you would prefer the working height of your Everhot to be higher than 900mm you can construct a plinth of the relevant height for it to sit on.
Does an Everhot need to be on an outside wall?
No – it can be placed anywhere in the kitchen.
Where does the control box go?
The EVH60 and the EVH120+ have external control boxes and their location is entirely a matter of personal choice – however please remember that it is not something that you would normally need to use on a daily or even weekly basis. It normally resides in an adjacent cupboard but can be stood on the worktop adjacent to the cooker. It is not easy to wall hang as the cables exit from the rear of the box. All the other sizes have internal control boxes.
Do I need an extractor above an Everhot cooker?
Again – a matter of personal choice. It is a recommendation but by no means a necessity.
Should I arrange for my new kitchen to be fitted before my Everhot arrives or afterwards?
We would prefer to arrive on site once your kitchen is complete. If this is not possible then we would advise you to make sure that the majority of your building work has been completed before delivery. For example plastering, tiling and any flooring need to be completed first.