Relocating your Everhot

One of the beauties of purchasing an Everhot cooker is that if you choose to move home, your cooker can come with you! Naturally these products are somewhat difficult to move due to their weight.

We recommend that you utilise the company that we ourselves use to deliver our cookers;

As only they have the specialised knowledge and equipment necessary to perform this task.
Their details are shown below and we would request that you speak to them direct.

Occasionally our cookers are advertised for sale independently and M J Transport below would also be pleased to pick up a cooker and relocate it for you.

If you would like to move an EVERHOT cooker please contact

M J Transport
07809 212989
Please note that we have encountered problems in the past with companies that claim to have all the necessary experience to safely relocate an Everhot cooker.
It is our recommendation that you utilise only the company named above.