Cooking on an heat storage cooker doesn’t have to be all about the oven.

Unlike many other manufacturers the oven temperature will not drop  when using the hot plate. Why fill your ovens up with vegetables when you could be filling them with fantastic joints of meat, roast potatoes or whatever else you love cooking?  At Everhot we do not like to dictate to you how you should cook, however; if you have always preferred to cook in the ovens, then our cookers will also allow that.

The principle of oven cooking in a heat storage range cooker (ours included) is that the entire body of the oven heats up evenly and the food is gently cooked by radiant heat, there are no naked flames or fans to move hot air past your food (drying it out in the process) and hence it will cook beautifully and taste sublime.

Don't just take our word for it, we run regular Demonstration Events with the Everhot range. In addition, we have a selection of Recipes to really let you show off your Everhot cooker. We've also got our Cooking FAQs section, to help with any questions you may have.

For those of you who have already purchased a cooker, we also offer cookery days for owners to enchance their enjoyment of the Everhot.  This is a day spent cooking in small groups with an experienced Everhot chef.  You produce some fantastic food which is then consumed over lunch and if you have specific issues that you would like to cover, these can often be incorporated into the day.  

Please contact Everhot directly on 01453 890018 or email sales@everhot.co.uk

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to adjust the control box often?
No – once you have found the perfect cooking temperatures you will very rarely need to make changes – although if you have something that is very ‘fussy’ on temperature, you can adjust it to exactly the right level.
Does it cook like an Aga/Rayburn?
Yes, all the wonderful benefits of cooking on a range cooker apply to the Everhot – a bottom oven that can produce fantastic meals that are cooked slowly and therefore do not dry the food out. Our ovens are made of thick walled steel and therefore cook the food uniformly by radiant heat rather than direct heat from an element. If you have enjoyed cooking on cast iron hotplates in the past you will find the Everhot no different in this respect.
Does the oven temperature drop when I use the hotplates?
No – the ovens are entirely independent to the hotplates. It is also worth noting that the hotplates maintain their temperature even when lifted for long periods.
How accurate are the oven temperatures?
The ovens are very accurately calibrated and are normally within one or two degrees of the set temperature.
What pans do I need for induction?
Induction hobs require pans that are magnetic.  Any new pans you buy will be marked whether they are suitable for induction, but most homes will have cast iron or stainless pans that are already compatible – simply check them with a magnet.
Some aluminium pans now have a magnetic base inserted which allows use – we do not recommend these and they have been known to cause problems for induction hobs.
Please remember the pans for either the induction hob or cast iron plates should have a thick flat base to allow good contact.