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Christmas Pudding


COOKS:  IN 8-10 hours.
DIFFICULTY:  Not too tricky


Finely grated rind of 1 lemon
3 oz chopped mixed peel
8oz raisins
8oz currants
8oz sultanas
8oz suet
8oz fresh breadcrumbs
8oz soft light brown sugar
3oz plain flour
½ level teaspoon mixed spice
¼ level teaspoon salt
¼ pint medium sherry – this may be barley wine or a mixture of both. If a mixture use more barley wine than sherry
4 fl oz milk (full cream)
2 large eggs
2oz almonds roughly chopped


Base line and grease a pudding basin – either 2 x ¾ pint/1.6 litre OR 1 x 4 pint/2.3 litre round mould

In large bowl mix lemon rind, peel, fruit, breadcrumbs, suet, sugar, flour, spice, nuts and salt.

Whisk together eggs, milk and sherry/barley wine.

Stir egg mixture into the fruit mixture until both are well blended

Spoon mixture into pudding basin

Press mixture down

Cover with greaseproof paper and foil and tie with string


Lower basin into large pan

Pour boiling water into pan to come halfway up side of basin

Cover tightly, bring to boil and simmer for 15 minutes

Transfer to bottom oven of your EVERHOT at 100 degrees with the shelf on the bottom set of runners for 8-10 hours.

Lift out basin and allow to cool

Recover with fresh paper and foil and retie with string

Store for at least 6 weeks in a cool dark place


To re-heat, simply re-steam but only leave in oven for 2-3 hours

Run a knife around the inside of the bowl and turn out onto a warmed serving plate

Serve with brandy butter/cream/fruit/crème fraiche or custard

Pudding may be flamed first if required