Phil Vickery MBE is one of rugby union’s greatest players. Capped 73 times by England and 5 times by the British & Irish Lions, Phil enjoyed a memorable career at club and international level, highlights of which included winning the World Cup with England in 2003 and then captaining his country to the final in 2007. Phil lives in Gloucestershire with his family and he maintains a strong interest in rural issues and farming. What’s more he can cook! Having developed his love of cooking from his grandmother, Phil proved his culinary skills by winning Celebrity Masterchef in 2011. For someone who is such an advocate of British made produce (from sourcing local food in Gloucestershire to using UK business wherever possible) Everhot is the natural choice for Phil. This is why he has chosen an Everhot 120i to take pride of place in his Gloucestershire home. Whilst researching for a new cooker I was pleased to find that a company close to me here in Gloucestershire seemed to manufacture exactly what I needed. Having visited their fantastic showroom I realised that as well as producing amazing cooking ranges they manufacture wholly in the UK and they are an extremely ethical and environmentally aware business. Now I’ve taken delivery of my cooker I am delighted with its performance. The slow cooking ovens allow me to produce fantastic succulent casseroles, whilst the speed of the induction hob, for a quick meal, is unrivalled.

Phil Vickery MBE, Gloucestershire

Some three weeks ago I took delivery of a new Everhot 90. This email is to let you know how delighted my wife and I are with it. It looks terrific in our kitchen. The ovens and hot plates are really effective. And additionally, the guy who delivered it was a real professional – friendly, efficient and helpful. The whole experience of my contact with Everhot has been positive. A company run like yours and with staff like yours deserves success.

Mr C W, Co. Durham

I came to your mill when I chose my Everhot and was impressed by how friendly and helpful you were. I have an even higher opinion of your company now that I have taken delivery. I cannot praise you highly enough.

Mrs D R, Yeovil

The Everhot 'purchase' process was efficient and easy from start to finish. The delivery was very well organised and the product is second to none - so much so that my Mother says it is much better than any previous cooker she has had and so easy to control. The bonus is the background warmth which has transformed what was a rather cold kitchen in to the very heart of the house. Needless to say we are delighted.

Mr C, Warwickshire

Your cooker by far outperforms any other cooker that I have used, from perfect baking, great roasts, succulent slow roast belly of pork crisped to perfection by the fab grill, to the gentle proving of dough and setting of yoghurt. The background heat airs my laundry and has transformed my little cottage, so I could not be more delighted. Added to all this I've just discovered that the running costs are as modest as you state.

Mr D, Lymington

Please tell the team how delighted we are with the Everhot. I particularly appreciated that it arrived exactly when you said it would. I have just baked my first cake - out of the Everhot cookery book - and it is half eaten already. I am getting used to the fact that it is always hot!! So doing baked potatoes is not a problem, whereas before it was always an expensive option.

Mrs P.S, North Scotland

After struggling for years with a Rayburn it is pleasure to be able to open the top lid of the Everhot and not have to watch the oven temperature dwindle away to nothing and the huge doors of the Everhot mean no more brand marks up the arms from when you catch yourself against the hot edges of the ovens.

Mrs F, Yorkshire

The Everhot has positively revived my enthusiasm for cooking after a decade in the doldrums. I think the design is brilliant and definitely 'form following function'. Indeed it is the first cooker for which I have no criticism nor frustration. It is always ready to use, versatile, forgiving, handsome and silent.

Dr T, Somerset

My kitchen has changed from a cold, damp room to a warmer, dry one. The whole flat is so much warmer.

Mrs N, Wadebridge

My whole life has really been transformed by the cooker. I regret it took me so long to take the plunge however it is a great decision to make even in later life.

Mrs H, Surrey

We are (I have to whisper this) finding the Everhot better than our beloved Aga in our previous home. It is particularly good to be able to use the plates when roasting, with no worry about heat loss in the ovens. We can confirm it is a joy to use with all the benefits we expect from a range.

Mr P, Hampshire

We would thoroughly recommend Everhot cookers - the heart of our kitchen. Wonderfully cheap to run and responsively controllable. The dogs love it - great for toast, dry clothes and no oil!

Mr J, Shaftesbury

I just wanted to say how much I enjoy cooking with my Everhot. Nothing seems to be anywhere near the chore it used to be and recipes I've wanted to try for years are now a regular treat.

Mr D, Northampton

The controllability of the Everhot and the fact that it actually boasts a grill makes our previous range look like a blunt instrument. When we think back to the vast amounts of fuel it used to burn compared with the Everhot's miserly consumption we know we have made the right choice. Everybody who sees the Everhot loves it and and can't believe how reasonable it was to buy and how quick and easy to install.

Mrs C F, Harrogate

We are (I have to whisper this) finding the Everhot better than our beloved Aga in our previous home. It is particularly good to be able to use the plates when roasting, with no worry about heat loss in the ovens. We can confirm it is a joy to use with all the benefits we expect from a range.

Mr P, Hampshire

I am writing to say how pleased we are with our Everhot. I never thought I would say this, but it is much better than our Rayburn ever was. It cooks so quickly, is always at the right temperature straight away without having to wait, and it keeps the kitchen lovely and warm. Thank you again for supplying such a brilliant product and for the service we received.

Mr J, Shaftesbury

In the past we have used an AGA, and a Nobel cooker, and the Everhot in comparison is in a different league, in terms of its efficiency, convenience and installation. We are delighted with our Everhot and it is nice to know that we will be able to take the EVERHOT with us when we move, and will not end up having to install expensive flues or concrete bases.

Mrs S W, Dorset

Everything cooks beautifully from stir fries to huge joints and needless to say Christmas dinner for 16+ is easily contained within the huge ovens. Cakes are wonderful and Yorkshire puddings puff up well. Many of my AGA owning friends are jealous at the versatility of being able to turn off/down various parts during the summer, especially when they realise it comes back to temperature so quickly. The kitchen and extension are kept warm during the winter - much appreciated by the dogs I think.

Mrs S L, Northampton

I find the Everhot quite delightful to use - frequently baking cakes it is good to take them from the oven evenly baked. This is considerably better (dare I say it?) than my AGA was. Being able to regulate the Everhot so easily is wonderful - I'll give your cookers a glowing recommendation any day!

Mrs P S, Gloucestershire

About two years ago now we did a major renovation of a property in Ludlow and, having only used AGAs before, decided to install an Everhot 110.  Well, 2 years on and having just eaten the latest of many superb meals (even if I say so myself) - I decided that I needed to write to you and thank you for providing such a wonderful machine.  When you do a big property job there are many decisions to make, and not all of them are going to be right,  but going for an Everhot was certainly the best I have ever made (and that includes the first divorce!).  Anyway - you will gather that I could not be more pleased with the Everhot 110.  If you need any references around this part of the world do let me know - I would be happy to sing your praises to anyone.

Mr C, Ludlow