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The installation of the EVERHOT is a very simple operation that is normally carried out by ourselves or one of our dealers, however it is worth noting the points below and if you follow these simple guidelines it will ensure that everything goes well on delivery day.

NOTE: The preparation of the site, in readiness for the installation of the appliance, is the responsibility of the site owner, not of the manufacturer of the appliance.

The floor must be level and capable of supporting the weight of the cooker (approximate weight 300kg).
The cooker measurements are 600mm deep and 900mm high to the working surface with a width of 890mm . The EVH 90i should be installed with a minimum of 30mm clearance from the back wall. This 30mm gap is best sealed by running the worktop behind the cooker, though a standard 30mm stainless infill strip that fits to the back of the cooker is supplied with all new Everhots.  On no account should any Everhot model be pushed hard against the back wall as this may damage the electric cable. A minimum gap of 5mm per side is required to allow installation and removal of the cooker – please contact us in advance of installation if this is not possible. Where the end grain of a wooden worktop is adjacent to the cooker, we recommend that this is increased to 10mm to minimise the chance of the worktop splitting.

Clearance must be allowed for the raising of the cooker lid into the upright position (minimum height of 1530mm from ground level). Please see side view diagrams for further clarification. A 5mm gap on each side of the cooker lid should be allowed when in the raised position (the lids are slightly inset from the side of the cooker to allow for overhead cupboards).

The appliance must be used on 220-240V AC only and should be plugged into two standard 13 amp sockets. The 13 amp sockets should be accessible and positioned adjacent to the cooker, so as not to impede the opening of the top lid, and ensuring the plugs are not exposed to steam or excessive moisture. If the sockets cannot be positioned immediately adjacent to the cooker, please see diagrams attached for exact lengths of cables (unfortunately it is not possible to extend these cable lengths). If the power supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer or their representative, as special purpose tools are required. An Everhot cooker should NOT be hard wired – please install using the supplied 13amp plug.

Download a printable version of the Everhot 90i installation guide